Bluestacks Alternatives: 3 Best Emulators Like Bluestacks

Are looking for Bluestacks Alternatives? Here in this article, I share the 3 best android emulators like bluestacks which you can use on your pc.

Android emulators mimic the mobile apps on a laptop or personal computer. When Android apps need to be used in desktop devices, these emulators come into play.

People use them especially to play games as computers provide a greater gaming experience than mobile phones.

Unlike smartphones, you don’t need to worry about the battery as you can play more time on a laptop. Due to these reasons, people flock towards android emulators.

Bluestacks is one of the popular Android emulators that has been in the market for a long time. And here I share some best bluestacks alternatives emulators.

Though it has a huge user base, many complain of quick crashes, buffering, memory hogging, and lack of modern features. This has led to the emergence of advanced android emulators.

If you are on a lookout to try other potential options instead of Bluestacks, we have listed down the best Bluestacks alternatives in the town:

NOX Player:

Nox Player Emulator

NOX player is one of the finest alternatives to Bluestacks which offers top-notch performance and an incredible interface.

It comes loaded with several useful features which makes it for a smooth Android experience on desktop systems.

You can run apps and games in 720p and 1080p resolutions. Users praised that it works exactly like an android smartphone.


  • Multi-stance feature: The most outstanding feature in the NOX player is the multi-stance function which comes with a built-in keyboard. This feature lets you open two or more apps simultaneously. You can run multiple games at the same time or you can browse social media while playing your favorite game. This multipurpose feature is a hit among many users.
  • Convenient interface: NOX gives a clean and user-friendly interface that is pretty liked by all users. And prove itself one of the best bluestacks alternatives emulators.
  • Higher compatibility: It runs on simple controls involving keyboard, mouse, and PC game controllers like joystick and outline board.
  • Matchless performance: Gameplay optimizations are awesome because they improve performance during games.
  • Root access: One irking feature in Bluestacks is root access. While Bluestacks gives a hard time achieving it, the NOX player does that in a jiff by just enabling the toggle button.
  • Keyboard mapping feature: Keyboard mapping functionality in NOX player is excellent when compared to Bluestacks.
  • No Ads: Another relief for gaming buffs is that NOX does not include any ads or premium subscriptions keeping it completely free to access.


  • When you run more than 4 apps, it starts to lag. But we know it is a pretty large load for any computer to collapse.
  • It is reported that the NOX player collapses sometimes. But comparing to Bluestacks, it gives a far greater experience

Cost: Free

OS: Windows and MAC

Website: Nox Player


LDPlayer - Bluestacks Alternatives

LDPlayer is a recent addition to the radar of Android Emulators. But it has risen to swift popularity because of its efficient function and first-grade features.

It is known for its impeccable functionality, neat UI, and smooth user experience. It is also one of the notable BGMI emulators out there.


  • Fast and light: It is a super light and fiery fast emulator that provides a powerful gaming experience in low-end and high-end desktop devices.
  • Fuss-free experience: The user experience is commendable in LDPlayer as it provides simple and clean functionality throughout the application. You won’t experience any crashes or collapses while playing high-end games.
  • Multiple windows: Get the best of the multiple app worlds by the multi-windows function of the LDPlayers. Play multiple games or use multiple apps simultaneously with ease on bluestacks alternatives emulator.
  • No Sign-in: LDPlayer keeps its play store very simple that there is no need to sign in or sign up to download any applications. It literally saves your time and effort focussing only on the core action.
  • Great customization: The boring main screen of Bluestacks is devoid of any customization. Whereas LDPlayer sports a beautiful UI with lots of customization options like wallpaper selection, icon customization, and such.
  • Amazing customer support: LDPlayer often releases updates to remove bugs reported by its users. They take user feedback seriously and fix bugs in a short span.
  • Gaming haven: It is one of the safest emulators without any kind of malware. So you can use it blindly without any apprehension.
  • Linux OS: While Bluestacks doesn’t run on Linux, the LDPlayer has the feature. Linux users can leverage the availability of LDPlayer to suffice their gaming experience.
  • Entirely Free: LDPlayer keeps everything free and there are no ads and premium subscriptions as well.


  • Some phone apps’ icons couldn’t be located specifically as they are hidden somewhere.
  • Few malfunctions are reported by users but the team fixes the problems quickly.

Cost: Free

OS: Windows, LINUX, and MAC

Website: LDPlayer

MEmu Player:

MEmu Emulator

MEmu player is also one of the spectacular Android emulators out there. Users download the MEmu player for its enriching gaming experience which is far greater than Bluestacks. And this is also one of the best bluestacks alternatives emulators.

It has made a name for its powerful application with a plethora of gaming features and ease of usability. It is compatible up with Android 7.1 (x64) versions making it the most android developer-friendly emulator.


  • Powerful compatibility: MEmu player supports both Intel CPUs and AMD computers. This particular feature grabs many eyeballs as many of its contenders don’t have this functionality, especially Bluestacks.
  • Safety Assured: As the application is free, many users get suspicious about its safety. Even though it is a free version, the MEmu player is protected and has built a safe atmosphere for its users. 
  • Easy Shortcuts: Create several shortcuts with keyboard mapping and transform your gaming experience to a whole new level.
  • Multiple Android versions: MEmu player allows different versions of Android to run simultaneously. This allows ease to run low-level as well as high-level games.


  • There are Ads running in the application which might irritate some users.
  • It is available only on windows. Mac and Linux users cannot access it.

Cost: Free

OS: Windows

Website: MEmu Play


The above-listed Android emulators are the top 3 Bluestacks alternatives you can ever get. They offer lightweight applications that run at blazing speed. There are only a few cons that appear as just nitpicking.

Truly, these emulators are loaded with immense features that would uplift your gaming experience to a whole new level.

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