Top 5 iOS Emulators For PC (Mac And Windows)

Unlike Android, iOS is held in high regard for its secured atmosphere. This makes it difficult for third-party apps to replicate or create an exact virtual environment like the Apple ecosystem. Still, some apps tried to build emulators that reflect the same iOS world on desktop.

Many users wish to play iOS games in a more enjoyable environment like laptops and computers to acquire the real taste of gaming.

Also, iOS App developers need to test their apps before releasing them in the app store. These requirements can be fulfilled by iOS Emulators. We have listed down the Top 5 iOS Emulators that work best. Let’s dive in:


Appetize Best iOS Emulators

Appetize is one of the premium emulators in the market that does the job of emulators so fine. It is preferred instead of that many users claim that Appetize is better than

Appetize offers cloud storage to create and test run the apps. The highlight is that it runs easily on any browser.

Simple interface:

Appetize provides a user-friendly interface to run its operations. Running your app needs these simple steps only:

  • Go to website.
  • Upload your mobile app (Android or iOS).
  • Enter your preferred email address and Appetize will send the generated app link.
  • You can run and experience your app immediately.

A dollop of features:

  • Easy control over access and permissions.
  • The Single Sign-On (SSO) feature is available to ensure security.
  • With Appetize, you can choose any device, App version, and OS to develop your App.
  • Plug-and-play hosted solutions, video recordings, tracking, usage auditing, and remote device access are some of the benefits of using Appetize.
  • Round the clock customer support to assist users.


You can use Appetize for free of cost for the first 100 minutes. After that, you have to pay and use this one of the best iOS emulators.

Compatible Platforms: Mac and Windows

Website: Appetize


Smartface iOS Emulators

Smartface is quite popular among App developers to test and try out their iOS Apps. This iOS emulator is also a powerful ground for developing cross-platform applications.

It perfectly plays the emulator role also to run any other iOS apps on Windows or Mac. Its debugging feature lets you experience a robust testing phase that strengthens your mobile app.


Smartface is an in-browser emulator that allows all frameworks like Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin, React Native, Java, Ionic, etc. 


Whether it is about different screen sizes, OS versions, or screen technology, Smartface suffices all the needs making it a perfect platform for mobile app development. One wouldn’t face any discrepancy in the real-world usage of the mobile app.


The best feature is its simplicity. With one click, Smartface emulates any application on its platform. Without having any Apple device, you can actually run iOS apps. Smartface comes with both free and premium versions.


It has free features also and you can use one of this best ios emulators for free. Along with that, to avail premium features you need to pay $99.

Compatible Platforms: Mac and Windows

Website: Smartface


iPadian Emulator

iPhone Simulator is the best for game aficionados. It is a widely popular app among iOS admirers. It is primarily developed to experience the iOS world and its functionalities.

iOS has made a name for its top-notch games and amazing gaming experience. People who don’t own Apple phones or iPads yearn to play these games. iPadian fulfills their wish by providing iOS games on Windows.


iPadian comes with spectacular graphics which creates a wonderful gaming experience for gamers. The quality is better to see on a desktop. Its interface is neat making it a fuss-free experience for users.

Variety of apps:

Not just games, it comes with other exciting apps like clock, notepad, calculator, etc. Embark into the iOS world completely.

It creates exact interfaces like iPhone and iPad which gives the same feel of using one. Not every app is compatible to run but iPadian covers most.


The pricing plan for iPadian starts at $20

Compatible Platforms: Windows and Mac

Website: iPadian

Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin is an emulator owned by Apple which provides an open-source platform for iOS App Development. And also one of the best iOS emulators available in the market.

It is an official iOS app testing platform that can develop and beta test Android and iOS apps efficiently. For a complete app development purpose, Xamarin is a perfect fit.

Trusted app:

As it is owned by a well-known company, you have fewer things to worry about. Everything is taken care of. No mismatch, faster process, and greater chances of app success. 


The main advantage of Xamarin is that users can share most of the native code across Android, Mac, and iOS.

Tough yet masterable:

It is known to be a complicated setup. Beginners might feel most professionals use it for technical purposes. Also, it supports apps with iOS 8.0 and above only.

Multiple devices:

Xamarin allows developers to test their apps on a sheer variety of devices making the apps accessible without any glitches or bugs. It also eliminates the need to individually test apps in those devices physically.

Easy to use:

Xamarin is a cloud-based platform and you can use it as one of the best iOS emulators. So the user doesn’t need to worry about maintenance and just concentrates on the work.

Procedure for testing:

  • To create a new app, start with iTunes connect record.
  • Now, archive and publish the Mobile app to iTunes connect. 
  • Perform beta testing and get suggestions from users to fix things.


It is available free of cost.

Compatible Platform: Mac

Website: Xamarin Testflight

Electric Mobile Studio

Electric Mobile Studio

Electric Mobile Studio is one of the finest and affordable iOS emulators. It caters to all the development and testing needs for a hardcore developer. It is a secured platform that renders a cool app development environment.

Fast rendering offered by Electric Mobile Studio never misses amazing developers. The WebGL technology makes this feature possible.

User-friendly Interface:

Electric Mobile Studio features one-click access with the Group control function. The ease of working process it offers for developers makes it a good option for developers.

Range of devices

Like Xamarin, Electric Mobile Studio bestows its users with a rooster of mobile and desktop devices to test. With this, you don’t need to search for individual devices, the app offers all-in-one benefits and that’s why this is one of the best ios emulators.

Exclusive features:

  • Easily accessible configurations and swift customizations.
  • Excellent design tools
  • Hassle-free prototyping & Testing
  • Instantly reachable command palette
  • High-fidelity screenshots option
  • Operate several simulator windows at a time
  • Integrated Debugger and Web Inspector


Electric Mobile studio allows a completely free 7-day trial period. After that, one needs to buy it at $39.99.

Compatible Platform: Windows

Website: Electric Mobile Studio


Developing apps is a strenuous job for many professionals. iOS apps are elite applications that are even more demanding.

Best iOS Emulators help in accomplishing these apps in a steady and assured way. The above list features the best of the best working emulators. We hope this article helped in choosing the right emulator for your goal.

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